What We Do

AC Pavement works on all types of roadways providing specialized pavement markings and cost effective pavement preservation practices that extend the life of our roadways saving taxpayer dollars.

Pavement Preservation

Crack Seal

Crack sealing is one of the first pavement maintenance considerations made after a road has been repaved. In our climate zone water penetration, freeze thaw cycles and thermal changes cause the pavement to deteriorate rapidly. Sealing cracks keeps water out preserving the pavement.


Micro-surfacing (Micro) is an environmentally friendly multi-component product conforming to a specified mix design of polymer modified asphalt emulsion, mineral fillers, aggregate and water. Micro-surfacing is field blended and applied with specialized paving equipment at various thicknesses. Micro is applied as a wearing surface to preserve and extend the service life of the existing asphalt pavement. When Micro is specified and applied, tax dollars are saved providing taxpayers savings in the long run.

Slurry Seal

Slurry Seal is a cost-effective and green way to preserve and was developed prior to Micro-Surfacing. Slurry Seal is a multi-component product conforming to a specified mix design of asphalt emulsion, mineral fillers, aggregate and water. Slurry Seal is applied using identical equipment to that of micro. It is important to note the benefits of each before choosing a system. Please contact AC's professional Micro manager for more information!

Chip Seal

Chip Seal is used frequently across America's rural roads because of its durability and cost effective application. Chip Seal not only preserves the existing roadway, it also provides a new wearing surface.

Cape Seal

Cape Seal is a hybrid maintenance procedure using a combination of Chip Seal and Micro surfacing creating a high performance built up system with an oil rich wearing surface protecting the pavement from the bottom up.

Pavement Marking


Paint was among the first services AC had provided. It helps to provide road user safety through increased visibly day and night. Paint is an economical alternative to maintain visibility on lower volume roadways.


Hot applied thermoplastic is a high-performance pavement marking and offers great service life as compared to other paint pavement markings. It is unique because of its thickness as it wears it continues to keep reflectivity offering years of lasting road user visibility.


Epoxy is a two-component material applied with specialized equipment. Epoxy is a durable long life marking with outstanding performance on any pavement. It provides excellent wet night reflectivity.


Polyurea is a two-component fast set marking which is formulated to be hard and durable with similar qualities to epoxy as listed above.


Urethane is a multi-component marking and is an improved formulation over epoxy, staying whiter over the life of the material. It's quick setting formulation decreases tracking problems & provides excellent wet night reflectivity.