AC Pavement

What is AC Pavement up to in your neighborhood?

You have probably received our door hanger and may still have some questions...

Your street is due to be resurfaced.

We ask your cooperation to make sure that all vehicles are off the street and out of driveways no later than 8:00AM.

In the process of resurfacing your street, we use a method called "micro-surfacing". It is used to protect and prevent weathering of the road surface. It is fast and economical and in addition to sealing the surface it is a non-polluting asphaltic product that improves skid resistance and contributes to safe roads.

How long will the process take?

Weather permitting, we will block off your street starting at 8:00AM for as long as it takes to apply the surface and allow it to cure. The resurfacing process requires curing normally taking 1-2 hours. You may not use the street until the barricades have been removed. In most cases we are in and out before you come home from work!

Trash Pickup

Regarding your trash pickup. If this is your trash day, it will be picked up early in the AM.

You may be interested to know ... your community now joins others who are green conscientious and will enjoy the tax payer savings of this "high tech" pavement preservation solution.

How We Help

AC Pavement - Focused on the environment - Our Green Innovations

AC Pavement is highly focused on protecting the environment. We've worked with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and the Federal Highways to move away from using oil based paints and begin using more environmentally friendly materials.

We employ state of the art equipment and have spent millions on upgraded pavement marking equipment to help eliminate the use of any solvents from our pavement marking operations. 

We've pioneered the industry in completely recycling all of its motor oils by using EPA approved waste oil furnaces. 

All of our pavement marking, micro-surfacing and other operations are all solvent free.

AC Pavement Striping Company has received numerous awards and is Nationally regarded as one of the top pavement marking contractors in the Country.

- Scott Kline. President, AC Pavement Striping Company

Who We Are

AC Pavement - A leading pavement preservation and resurfacing company.

You may never have heard of us before but we've worked on most of the roads in the Mid-West you travel on every day.

That's right, I-90, 294, I-80, every suburb, including the roads right in your neighborhood.

AC Pavement has been an employer in Illinois for over 50 years. We are one of the oldest and largest privately owned pavement marking, preservation and micro-surfacing contractors in Illinois.

Our focus is on preserving the pavement, creating a more green and ecologically safe environment for you and your family.

We help your local and state government agencies preserve your tax payer dollars while creating systems for preserving your roads.

We sit on many Safety Committees within the State of Illinois as well as Nationally, to promote and develop safer roadways.